RansomHub Claims Cyberattack on Christie's Auction House

by Voinea Laurentiu

A hacker group known as RansomHub has claimed responsibility for a cyberattack on Christie's auction house, targeting sensitive data on wealthy art collectors.

The attack, which occurred just before Christie's marquee spring sales, forced the auction house to resort to alternative bidding methods.

In a dark web post, RansomHub asserted they had gained access to Christie's network and threatened to release the stolen data, which reportedly included names, birthdays, and potentially more sensitive information. Cybersecurity experts believe RansomHub is a credible ransomware group, lending weight to their claims.

Christie's acknowledged unauthorized access to their network by a third party but downplayed the significance of the data breach. They assured clients that only "a limited amount of personal data" was compromised and there's "no evidence" of financial information being exposed.

RansomHub, however, maintains they possess sensitive client data and is set to release it by the end of May. The group claims Christie's refused to pay a ransom after a demand was issued.

This attack highlights the growing vulnerability of high-profile auction houses to cyberattacks. With the vast amount of valuable client data they hold, these institutions become prime targets for ransomware groups. Christie's response to the attack underscores the importance of robust cybersecurity measures for protecting sensitive client information.