Tesla's Big Gamble: Layoffs to Fuel Robot Revolution

by Voinea Laurentiu

Tesla makes significant cuts to its workforce, fueling speculation that the company is doubling down on robotics and AI development.

Tesla, the company that makes electric cars, has recently let go of some employees in different departments like software, service, and engineering. This comes after they made their whole team a bit smaller last month and closed down their electric car charging department.

These changes are happening because Tesla has been selling fewer cars lately. Other car companies are also making electric cars more affordable, so there's more competition.

Tesla wants to use this time to focus on some really futuristic projects, like cars that drive themselves, robot taxis, and even a humanoid robot called Optimus. They might be making these changes to save money for those big ideas.

Even though there are changes, Tesla is still planning on making new electric car models using the factories they already have!