Meta's Got a New Deal for Businesses

by Voinea Laurentiu

If you've seen the blue checkmark next to some people's names on Facebook and Instagram, that means they pay for a service called Meta Verified. Now, businesses can get in on the action too! Meta just announced a bunch of new options specifically designed for companies.

What's the Big Advantage?

The biggest perk is that blue checkmark of approval! This helps your business stand out and shows customers you're the real deal. But it's not just about the badge – you also get better placement in search results, protection against copycat accounts, and even the ability to add clickable links to your images. Plus, you get access to customer support if anything goes wrong.

Basic Plan vs. Paying More

The most basic plan offers all those core benefits. But if you want some serious extras, there are three more expensive tiers. These include things like adding links to your Reels (those short videos), super-fast customer support when you need it, more ways to make your profile unique, and even one-on-one help from Meta for creating a winning content plan! The most expensive option also covers up to five employees on your team.

The Goal

Meta wants to give businesses, big and small, the tools to thrive on their platforms. This new program aims to help you reach more customers and feel more secure about your online presence. And remember, they're always listening to feedback, so the plans might change and improve over time.