Minecraft Gets Animated Netflix Series for 15th Anniversary

by Voinea Laurentiu

Minecraft, the beloved sandbox game, is turning 15 this year! To celebrate this milestone, Netflix and Mojang Studios have announced an exciting collaboration: an animated series based on the iconic game.

Original Story and New Characters

The CG-animated show will feature a brand new story centered around never-before-seen characters. This will allow the creators to showcase the world of Minecraft in a fresh light.

Familiar Faces?

While the official announcement focuses on new characters, there's always a chance that well-known favorites like Steve and the creepers might make an appearance. We'll just have to wait for more information from Netflix and Mojang Studios.

Minecraft Movie Still on Track

For fans of Steve on the big screen, fear not! The Minecraft movie featuring Jack Black as Steve is still in development.

15th Anniversary Festivities

In addition to the animated series announcement, Minecraft has also released special anniversary content for players, including free party add-ons, a map, a cape, and wallpapers. You can find all the anniversary goodies on the Minecraft website.