Windows 11 Insiders in Hot Water: High CPU Bug and Discontent

by Voinea Laurentiu
Windows 11

Windows 11 Insiders are facing yet another hurdle in June's Insider builds. This time, the culprit is a persistent bug in the Cross Device Service leading to abnormally high CPU usage.

Symptoms and Frustrations

Leginmat90, an active member of the Microsoft Community Forums, first reported the issue on June 5th, 2024. The bug can eat up to 10% CPU power even on idle systems. While disabling the Cross Device Service offers a temporary fix, it comes at the cost of sacrificing features like Phone Link for cross-device file sharing.

Microsoft has acknowledged the problem and confirmed they're working on a solution. However, a fix hasn't been released yet, leaving many Insiders frustrated.

Possible Culprit and Underlying Concerns

The bug is suspected to be linked to recent updates to the Cross Device Service, particularly improvements to Phone Link or earlier changes introduced in Insider builds this year.

This incident adds fuel to the fire of discontent among Windows 11 Insiders. Many feel Microsoft prioritizes features nobody requested, neglecting core functionalities and user concerns. Additionally, the recent withdrawal of the "Recall" feature from the main build strengthens the perception of Microsoft pushing unwanted features.

A Fork in the Road

Windows 10 users might have a temporary reprieve, but with support ending in 2025 and hardware manufacturers dropping compatibility, the pressure to upgrade to potentially problematic Windows 11 builds mounts.

The article concludes with a call for Microsoft to improve communication and prioritize user needs. Insiders, the supposed testing ground for new features, shouldn't feel like guinea pigs for features nobody seems to want.