X Makes Likes Private

by Voinea Laurentiu

In a bold move aimed at protecting its users against online harassment, X (formerly known as Twitter) has decided to make all likes private. This change means that only the user who liked a post will be able to see their name associated with it - an effort geared towards fostering a safer and more inclusive social media environment for everyone involved.

For years, public figures have faced criticism due to content they've interacted with on X through liking posts that were later deemed controversial or offensive by some users. This new privacy feature seeks to address such concerns while still allowing the platform’ fearless exploration of ideas and opinions - a core tenet for which Twitter was founded.

Under this updated policy, individuals will no longer be able to view who liked their posts but can continue seeing their own like history along with total post likes count – ensuring that users are aware of how much engagement they're receiving on the platform without compromising privacy in terms of others’ interactions.

However, this change may have some repercussions for X as a business entity - particularly concerning its premium subscription tier offering which previously allowed members to hide their likes from public viewing. With this new feature now being enabled by default across the platform, users who subscribe might find themselves losing one of those exclusive perks they once enjoyed on Twitter's free version.

Despite these potential drawbacks for X as a company and its premium memberships, it is evident that prioritizing user safety remains at the forefront in this decision to make likes private by default - an essential step towards fostering healthier online interactions among users on Twitter's platform. As we adapt to this change, let us remember why social media platforms like X are so crucial: they provide a space for open dialogue and exchange of ideas that can help shape our society positively while ensuring the well-being of those who use them daily.