Netflix Says Goodbye to Older Apple TV Models

by Voinea Laurentiu

Netflix is giving the boot to older Apple TV models, specifically the second and third generations. Starting July 31, 2024, these devices will no longer be able to stream Netflix content.

The decision to discontinue support stems from Netflix's focus on delivering the best possible streaming experience. These older models lack the processing power and features required for Netflix's latest features and may not function properly after July.

What's Affected

- Apple TV (2nd generation) - Apple TV (3rd generation)

What You Can Do

If you're currently using one of these Apple TV models to stream Netflix, you'll have to make alternative arrangements to continue watching on your television:

- Stream from another device: Consider using a newer device like a gaming console, smartphone, tablet, or smart TV that supports the Netflix app. - Purchase a new streaming device: There are many affordable streaming devices available that offer excellent Netflix streaming capabilities.

The Bigger Picture

This move by Netflix is part of a larger trend of app makers reevaluating support for older devices. As technology evolves, it becomes more resource-intensive to maintain compatibility with outdated hardware. Netflix likely determined that these older Apple TV models just aren't worth the resources required to keep them working properly.

It's important to note that while Netflix is ending support for these specific Apple TV models, users won't lose their Netflix subscriptions. They can simply stream from a different device.

Looking ahead, it's unclear when Netflix will phase out support for other Apple TV models. However, considering the fourth-generation model launched in 2015, it may not be too long before it meets the same fate.