Apple Vision Pro Headset Goes Global

by Voinea Laurentiu

Apple launched this super cool mixed-reality headset back in February, but so far it's only been available in the US. That's about to change, though! Apple insider Mark Gurman spilled the beans that Apple is busy training staff from Apple Stores all over the world on how to show off this fancy new gadget.

Hundreds of Apple employees have been flown in to Apple HQ for special training sessions on the Vision Pro. It sounds like they're getting the full VIP treatment – four whole days to learn all the ins and outs of the headset and how to give customers a killer demo.

So, where will the Vision Pro be launching next? We're hearing rumors of Germany, France, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, and China being first in line. It's still a bit of a mystery, but it looks like these countries will be the lucky ones to get their hands on the headset after Apple's big developer conference in June.

The Vision Pro hasn't quite taken off like Apple hoped in the US, so expanding to new markets could be just the ticket to drum up more excitement for this cutting-edge piece of tech. With any luck, a big international launch will spark new interest from both shoppers and app developers.

Apple is also working on some updates to the headset's software, which should make it even better to use. So, fingers crossed that all these changes add up to a recipe for Vision Pro success!