OpenAI Wants To Be Safe, Not Saucy

by Voinea Laurentiu

You might have heard the buzz about OpenAI, the company behind popular AI tools like ChatGPT, possibly getting into the business of generating adult content. But the company is setting the record straight – they have zero interest in creating AI-generated pornography.

This whole mix-up started because of a recently released document outlining how their AI models should work. In it, there's a section about handling requests for content some might consider inappropriate. While they listed things their models shouldn't create (like graphic violence or hateful language), they also mentioned looking at ways to responsibly handle these types of requests in specific situations.

OpenAI wants to make it crystal clear: they're committed to using AI safely and ethically. Their main focus is protecting children, and they have safeguards in place to prevent their tools from being used to make harmful deepfakes.

So, what does OpenAI mean by exploring "NSFW" content?

They're talking about situations where it might be appropriate within certain limits. Think about a musician asking the AI for help writing a song with a few swear words, for example. It's about finding the balance between creative freedom and safety.

Why the strong stance against AI-generated adult content?

AI-generated pornography, especially deepfakes that use a person's likeness without their permission, has caused real harm. We've seen cases of celebrities and everyday people having their images misused in disturbing ways. OpenAI is determined not to be a part of that problem.