OpenAI ChatGPT Livestream: Unveiling New Features and Magic

by Voinea Laurentiu

Get ready for some exciting news from OpenAI! On Monday morning (10 a.m. PT, to be exact), they're hosting a livestream to show off some cool new things they've been working on for ChatGPT and GPT-4.

CEO Sam Altman has been teasing the announcement, hinting that it's not GPT-5 (so don't get your hopes up for that just yet!) and it's not a search engine (even though there have been some rumors about that). He did say, though, that it feels like "magic" to him and that he thinks people will love it.

Intriguing, right?

There's been some buzz that OpenAI might unveil a new search feature for ChatGPT, which would be a big deal. It would let the chatbot search the web for information and tell you where it found the answers, instead of just spitting out information without any explanation.

But even if that's what they announce, Altman could technically still be right when he says it's not a search engine. It could just be a cool new ChatGPT feature.

We'll just have to wait and see what they have in store for us on Monday! You can watch the livestream on the OpenAI website and see the magic for yourself.